Holidays in Spain in July

The best destinations to travel to Spain in July.

July has the driest and warmest climate. Rains are mainly in the north of the country, but rarely. The air temperature in July is +32-34ºC and the water temperature is +24-25ºC. July is the driest in the Canary Islands, where the dry scalding wind that blows continuously from the Sahara reigns supreme. But it is in July that there is a peak influx of vacationers throughout Spain.

Tours to Spain in July are popular, with active beach and sightseeing programs, and many holidays and festivals. Valencia and Zaragoza offer bullfighting and the eternal dance of flamenco. In Barcelona, on the other hand, bullfighting is not popular. Holidays in Spain in the summer are brightest on the beaches of Costa Brava, Costa del Maresme, Costa Dorada. If you want to see ancient towns and walk narrow streets, choose Aviles and Gijon in Asturias.

Prices for sightseeing tours to Spain in July can be found on the city-specific pages of our website. Check out the tour selection service tripmydream and we will find you interesting tours to Spain in summer. Nightlife in Ibiza, Mallorca and other islands in the two Spanish archipelagos is buzzing at this time.

So it's safe to say that vacationing in Spain in the summer is wonderful. You can also find economical discounts during the peak season. So, the prices for vacations in Spain in both July and August offer savings. Excursion tours cost from 350 EUR to 500 EUR, a vacation at sea will cost you 500-900 EUR.

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