Holidays in Spain in June

The best destinations to travel to Spain in June.

Here is the beginning of the peak season. Tours to Spain in June can be confidently called leading. There is not yet July heat, many guests decide to spend a vacation here. Cordoba, San Sebastian, Bilbao in the summer hold bullfights. It is at this time that festivals of incendiary flamenco are held all over Spain.

Summer vacations in Spain are considered the most vibrant and desirable. In Madrid, it's the season for sightseeing, exhibitions, and it's still possible to stroll the main streets without too much heat. Find out about tours to Spain in the summer at tripmydream.

Prices for holidays in Spain in June range from 600 EUR to 1000 EUR for beach resorts, 500 to 800 EUR for sightseeing programs. Of course, you can find much cheaper options, especially if you focus on all sorts of discounts and low-cost tours.

Prices for tours to Spain in June differ depending on the regions. The south of Spain is more expensive, as well as the northeastern coast. In addition to swimming in the sea, vacationers in June enjoy the blossoming of numerous vineyards. Tourists at this time choose the area of Barcelona, whose clean beaches attract many. Prices in Barcelona at this time rise by 20-30%, this also applies to other port and sightseeing cities of the country.

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