Holidays in Spain in October

The best destinations to travel to Spain in October.

Officially, the beach season in October is considered closed. Although many beach lovers are happy to swim almost until the end of October. You can find detailed prices for tours to Spain in October at tripmydream.

Most hotels give serious discounts at this time, and tours to Spain in October can be really quite inexpensive. There's nowhere to swim this month, except in the Canary Islands, although it's not recommended.

Atmospheric temperatures in October are comfortable, but not for swimming +23-24ºC, and water temperatures drop to +18-19ºC. There are fewer sunny days in October and there is a fair amount of rain in central Spain.

The bullfighting season also ends in mid-October, with major festivals usually held in Madrid, Zaragoza, Bilbao, Cordoba and San Sebastian. Prices for beach tours to Spain in October range around 300-500 EUR, excursion programs are also not too expensive.

You can still swim in Ibiza, but here it becomes too cold for water procedures. So the rest in Spain in the fall smoothly flows from the beach to walking and excursion. Tours to Spain in the fall include excursions to Barcelona. You can visit Vigo (Galicia), Tarragona, Sabadell (Aragon).

In addition, most cities celebrate Hispanidad, a day of Spanish culture and tradition, on October 12. Visit Cartagena and Toledo. A seven-day trip for two people at this time costs about 700-900 EUR, depending on the chosen city, hotel, room type, meals and entertainment program.

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