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Virtual tour of Tossa de Mar

The picturesque town of Tossa de Mar is nestled in the depths of a cozy bay on the coast of Catalonia. It is fringed by mountain slopes covered with pine forests. The city is practically inaccessible. It is far from the highways, the nearest road through the mountains is quite winding and challenging. Another way to Tossa de Mar is through the sea, so it can be rightfully called one of the most secluded resorts in Spain.

The history of the city goes back to the distant past. Traces of the Iberian settlement and the ancient Roman city where Tossa de Mar now stands date back to the I century AD. Since then, many events have taken place, the city has changed hands and looks. The Vila Vella fortress stands as a testament to bygone eras. It is surrounded by the most popular walking routes of Tossa de Mar. And near the foot of the tower spread famous sandy beaches of the resort, which attract many tourists.

The movie "Pandora and the Flying Dutchman" became the prologue of tourist life in Tossa de Mar. Filming took place in the city and the surrounding area, and the main role in it was played by Ava Gardner. After the release of the movie on the screens, tourists have stretched to get acquainted with the place of filming. As a result, the residents of the town even erected a monument to Ava Gardner, whose role ensured Tossa de Mar's prosperity.

Tips for tourists

When boating on boats and yachts, don't forget your life jackets.
The mountain road that takes traffic from Tossa de Mar to the surrounding towns is very difficult and winding. It is therefore not worth driving on it if you are inexperienced.
There are many hiking trails leading from Tossa de Mar to the mountains. You can always go there if you wish for privacy.
Time zone
UTC+1, in summer UTC+2
Euro (EUR)

Tours to Tossa de Mar

If you have always dreamed of going on a hot tour to a luxury Mediterranean resort at a cheap price, today you have the opportunity. The small Spanish town used to be a favorite vacation spot for the noble rich.

Now it has somewhat reduced its demands, travel here has become cheaper, so tourists from all over the world have the opportunity to visit Tossa de Mar. When planning a hot tour to the Catalan coast, you'll face a number of challenges.

The road to the city leads through a winding road along the rocky coastline. But Tossa de Mar can also be reached by water via Lloreta.

The majority of travelers prefer family trips to this Spanish resort. There are plenty of quiet beaches in its vicinity that are perfect for children of all ages.

More energetic travelers will also enjoy Tossa de Mar. Here you can go kayaking or take a diving school. In the evening, the resort transforms and takes on a new, even more memorable shape. The best thing to do when darkness falls is to visit a disco on a boat.

Whatever time you want to visit this passionate resort, check the cost of the trip. The city's affluent past has left its mark on the city, so prices are not the lowest in Spain. Even in some parts of Barcelona, they are considerably lower.

Interesting places in Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar, as in any city with a long history has preserved many attractions. Excursions to the monuments of history attract many travelers. The most popular hiking routes also lie in the historic part of the city, near the fortress of Vila Vella. There are many restaurants there, whose cuisine is as impressive as the picturesque cityscapes. And for a vacation with children, this quiet and peaceful resort has all the conditions.


Travel budget

Flight ticket prices

Tossa de Mar doesn't have its own airport. Therefore, you'll need to purchase air tickets to the nearest airport in Girona. From Paris to Girona and back, air tickets will cost from 140 EUR. Flights in this direction are carried out by airlines Wizz Air and Ryanair. During the flight, you may have to make two connections. Flights from Berlin to Girona and back without connections are operated by Pobeda. Tickets cost from 150 EUR round trip.

The best hotels in Tossa de Mar

The hotels in Tossa de Mar are very diverse and you can find accommodation to suit your tastes. In four-star hotels such as Delfín or Premier Gran Hotel Reymar & Spa Superior, a room for two people will cost you from 40 to 180 EUR per night. In three-star hotels, such as URH Parkhotel or Florida, you can stay for two people from 45 to 100 EUR per night. In inexpensive hotels without star ratings or in a hostel you can spend a night for 25 EUR.

The cost of vacation

The budget for a trip to Tossa de Mar should be calculated based on the cost of visa, airfare, accommodation in the resort and the average check of local restaurants. This should also include visits to the city's museums and other attractions. And if you are traveling with children, then among other expenses should be considered trips to amusement parks and other entertainment. After all, a trip to Tossa de Mar would be simply incomplete without trips to the sea on yachts or boats with transparent bottoms.

The budget for a trip to Tossa de Mar
Visa Flight from 280 EUR
Accommodation from 25 EUR per day Average check in a restaurant from 15 EUR
Transportation fare from 1.50 EUR Excursion from 4 EUR
Total : about 810 EUR for two people for a week

Tossa de Mar: tips for tourists

We have prepared information for you about Tossa de Mar that will make your trip as comfortable as possible.

Visa to Tossa de Mar

No visa needed for European citizens.

Tossa de Mar Airport

Tossa de Mar does not have its own airport. The closest to it is the airport of Girona, which is 40 km from the resort. Passenger traffic exceeds 5 million people a year. Girona Airport has all the necessary infrastructure for traveling.

Transfer to Tossa de Mar from the airport

To get from Girona airport to Tossa de Mar you can take a shuttle bus. Direct bus runs only once a day, so it is easier to get to Lloret de Mar, and from there you can get to Tossa de Mar by bus or by sea. A cab from Girona airport to Tossa de Mar will cost 25 EUR.

Car rental in Tossa de Mar

You can rent a car both at Girona airport and in Tossa de Mar itself. The cost of rent starts from 50 EUR. The driver must be at least 21 years old, have an international driver's license and at least one year of driving experience.


Public transportation in Tossa de Mar

City transportation in Tossa de Mar is represented by intercity buses passing through the resort. The fare is approximately equal to 1.50 EUR. You can go up to the fortress of Vila Vella on a tourist streetcar, and a three-hour boat ride will cost you 30 EUR.

Security in Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar, like most secluded resorts, is a very safe place. However, leave large sums in hotel safes to avoid theft. And keep a close eye on your belongings, especially in the crowds of the town's market.

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