Cuisine in Tossa de Mar

National dishes that are a must-try in Tossa de Mar.

Tourists staying in hotels can eat in the hotel restaurants. Breakfast is always included in the accommodation, and lunch and dinner can be ordered at a separate rate. As a rule, there the national cuisine of Tossa de Mar is offered in the format of a buffet. But, according to reviews, this is far from the culinary perfection that can be found in local restaurants.

National dishes in Tossa de Mar abound with seafood: shrimps, squid, lobsters, dorades, lobsters and other sea creatures. Spaniards are also very skillful in preparing meat.

All this gastronomic variety is necessarily served with olives, vegetables and famous Spanish wine. In Tossa de Mar, it is worth ordering sangria - a drink of medium strength based on red wine, in which a little dry liqueur, brandy, as well as pieces of sugar and fruit are added. And each institution prepares it in its own way, so the drink will never get boring.

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