Best restaurants and cafes in Tossa de Mar

An overview of the best places to visit in Tossa de Mar.

The restaurants of Tossa de Mar are scattered all over the city, with different checks and gastronomic focus. It's hard to name the best restaurants in Tossa de Mar, as every tourist has their own preferences. Someone is crazy about seafood dishes, someone appreciates meat dishes, and someone prefers vegetable assortment. All this can be found in different places in the city.

Castell Vell, Restaurant El Portal, La Lluna, Tapas del Mar - these are the restaurants in Tossa de Mar, reviews of which are rarely negative. Prices in restaurants in Tossa de Mar are different, but on average for two people dinner with a liter of sangria and tips will cost about 45-50 EUR. Inexpensive restaurants in Tossa de Mar have an average check at the level of 20-30 EUR. Former vacationers note that in the city is quite high prices compared to other resorts in Spain. Prices in cafes in Tossa de Mar are 12-15 EUR.

Since tourists come here for Spanish flavor, paella and seafood, Russian restaurants in Tossa de Mar are not very popular, and therefore have not taken root. If you can not afford the exquisite dishes of restaurants, we recommend you to look at local cafes, tapas or bars. According to tourists, the best cafes in Tossa de Mar are Mick & Julie's Cafe Bar, Bar Savoy, Bar Don Juan, Can Tito Tapas, Tom's Steakhouse and several others.

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