Weather in Tossa de Mar

When is the best time to go to Tossa de Mar? We can tell you the weather conditions in the city and the forecast for the right dates.

This Spanish city is not only attractive for its quiet life and comfortable beaches. The weather in Tossa de Mar also contributes to a relaxing vacation. The sunniest and warmest months in the city are July, August and September. At this time the weather in Tossa de Mar for 14 days can please the sun, and the vacation is rarely marred by rainy days. During the month only 3-4 days the sky can be covered with clouds. The air temperature fluctuates between 26 and 28°C. During the same period, the sea is warmest. Whatever the weather in Tossa de Mar for a week, the sea temperature will not drop below 22°C.

In March, as well as October and November, the weather forecast for Tossa de Mar promises rain more often than in other months. During this period, the weather in Tossa de Mar for 3 days can be gloomy. And in November, in addition, the strongest winds blow - up to 5 m / s. December and February are also considered windy. Winter months are the coldest on the coast. At this time the weather in Tossa de Mar for 5 days and more fluctuates at 11-15°C.

Beach near Tossa de Mar in summer

When is it cheaper to go to Tossa de Mar

If you've been pining for a quiet vacation, warm seas and Spanish flavor, there's no point in wondering if you should go to Tossa de Mar. You have to pack up and go. Another question is when is the best time to go to Tossa de Mar to spend time as pleasant and useful as possible. The answer depends on what you expect from your vacation. If it is important for you to swim with children in the sea, it is better to go in the summer months, when it is the warmest. But during the "high season" the city is crowded with tourists, despite its distance from major highways and railroad tracks.

Tossa de Mar in the fall

If you are more interested in a comfortable vacation for two, it is worth visiting the city, at the beginning or end of the season. In April and June, as well as in October, the sea is not as warm as in the main season, but there are fewer vacationers. It is during this period that the statement, "I'm going to Tossa de Mar" - can cause slight envy among friends and acquaintances. And the winter months, including November, are the cheapest time to go to Tossa de Mar.

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