Photo Tossa de Mar

The best themed photos of Tossa de Mar resort are collected here.

Central to any photo of Tossa de Mar is the fortress of Vila Vella, perched above the sea on a 70-meter cliff. Sometimes ruined, sometimes rebuilt, the majestic structure is a magnet for the crowds of tourists who travel up the steep serpentine road to the fortress for a photo of Tossa de Mar from its highest point. Here at the lighthouse, built on the site of one of the four ruined towers, as compensation for the long climb, they get a mesmerizing view of the sea, beaches, bays and city. From here you get the most magical photos of Tossa de Mar at night.

But there's plenty to do in the city itself. In addition to the lively neighborhoods, Tossa de Mar is full of winding streets with stone staircases and houses that retain the spirit of old Spain. A huge number of dwarf trees in tubs and well-tended flowers add brightness and liveliness to the photos of the streets of Tossa de Mar. The city looks completely different at night, when the ancient streets are illuminated by the soft light of street lamps, stores, restaurants and nightlife. Amazing photos of Tossa de Mar at night are taken from the waterfront, where the camera lens catches the lights of the city and fortress reflected in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Beautiful photos of Tossa de Mar are taken by vacationers from the Church of San Vincent. It was erected in 1755 on the site of the former church. That's why both the exterior and the interior are stunning not only to gawkers but also to connoisseurs of antiquity.

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