Holidays in the UK in August

The best destinations to travel to the UK in August.

Tours to the UK in August are immensely popular, as this is the time when the number of tourists eager to explore the UK's main attractions multiplies. If you're planning a vacation in the UK in August, be sure to include not only London but also a visit to the medieval castles of Wales and its fascinating stalactite caves.

If you're feeling adventurous and wish to spend a night in one of Scotland's castles during a summer UK tour, you'll experience the ambiance of a true feudal lord as you sleep in an ancient bed and savor a pint of hoppy beer at an oak table.

The prices for UK tours in August can't be considered budget-friendly due to numerous festivals and celebrations taking place across the country during this time. From the largest arts festival in Edinburgh to the Peterborough Beer Festival, there's plenty to enjoy.

Summer vacations in the UK not only offer fascinating sightseeing but also the opportunity for a beach getaway, with the air temperature on the Channel coast reaching +23oC. To make your August vacation in the UK more budget-friendly, it's advisable to book your tour in advance. You can find assistance from tripmydream.

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