10 things to do in the UK

Good ideas for those who want to get a closer look at the UK.

To fully enjoy your trip to the UK, you need to be able to do these things while you're here:

1. Take a ride on Europe's largest Ferris wheel, which is located in London.

2. Go to a fabulous medieval castle in Edinburgh.

3. To visit the real open-air museum city - Bath.

4. Sit at the desk of the most famous university in the world in Cambridge.

5. Feel like a student at the world's most elite university in Oxford.

6. See for yourself the birthplace of William Shakespeare in Stradford-on-Avon.

7. Stroll the medieval streets of magnificent York.

8. Listen to the song of a tireless piper in Inverness.

9. Find out how the ancient Scottish people lived in St. Andrews.

10. Walk in the footsteps of the famous band The Beatles in Liverpool.

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