Where to go in the UK

Dreaming of traveling to the UK? tripmydream will suggest the best cities for sightseeing, sea or ski vacations.

Before you set off on your next trip, you have an idea of what you want your vacation to be like, what you want to see first and where you want to go. Great Britain is an excellent country where you can see a lot of world-famous sights, monuments of architecture and art. To justify the purpose of your trip, you need to choose the right region of the UK that best suits your travel needs.

In anticipation of a vacation in the UK, deciding where to to go can be very difficult. To help you get your bearings in a new country, we suggest you take a look at the ranking of the most popular cities in the UK.

Excursion Towns of England

The first thing to talk about is the excursion cities of the UK. If you don't know where to go in the UK to enjoy the beauty of ancient castles and palaces and immerse yourself in the cultural and historical life of the country, choose one of the following cities:

  1. London
  2. Edinburgh
  3. Oxford
  4. Liverpool
  5. Belfast
  6. Bristol
  7. Manchester
  8. Cambridge

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The most popular beach resorts in the UK

The UK is an island nation that is washed on all sides by seas and the Atlantic Ocean. Despite this, beach vacations are only possible in 3 regions - Sussex, Hampshire and Devonshire. In some places the coastline stretches for 40 km. Beach vacations in the UK are famous for clean air, calm waters and perfect clean coastal areas. Some of the best seaside resorts include:

  1. Torkie
  2. Painton
  3. Brixham
  4. Brighton
  5. Istborg
  6. Newport

More information on seaside vacations can be found by going here.

The thermal spas of England

The thermal spas in the UK are considered to be highly sought after. Balneological resorts of a therapeutic nature, as well as general health spas are concentrated in such areas as Bath, Weston-super-Mare and Cheltenham. Particularly popular among them are:

  1. Llandrindod
  2. Llanurthydd
  3. Baxton
  4. Lemington
  5. Harrogate
  6. Bilt

Ski resorts in the UK

Ski resorts in England are mainly located in Scotland, surrounded by crystal clear lakes and snowy slopes. In this region of Great Britain every year come to both experienced skiers and beginners, as the conditions here are more than suitable. Fans of ski vacations should definitely visit:

  1. Glenschi
  2. Avimore
  3. Nevis
  4. Lecht
  5. Glenko

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