Transportation in the UK

Public transportation in the UK: its peculiarities and ticket prices.

In all UK cities, public transport options typically include the subway and buses. Regardless of the chosen mode of transportation, the ticket price is generally consistent.

It's advisable not to purchase single tickets for public transport, as they tend to be more expensive than multi-trip passes, usually priced around 5 GBP.

In the UK, a day pass for public transport typically costs 7.5 GBP, while a three-day pass is available for no more than 23 GBP, and a seven-day pass can be obtained for 48 GBP. Taxis are also a popular transportation option in the UK, with Black Cabs being relatively expensive and Mini Taxi services offering a more budget-friendly alternative.

You can book taxis over the phone, and at the end of the call, you will be provided with a fixed price for your journey. In addition to the official cab service, there are unlicensed carriers in the UK, although using them may not always be safe. For more information about public transport, including timetables and prices, you can visit this website.

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