When is the best time to go to England

Planning a trip to the UK? Find out when is the best time to travel!

The UK is a country that everyone dreams of visiting without exception. There are great opportunities not only for excursion vacations, but also for mountain skiing and sea vacations.

Deciding when it's best to go to the UK should only be decided after you've researched the climate here. Because of its oceanic temperate climate, the weather is quite unstable, with dense fogs and gusty winds throughout the year.

Holidays in England in winter

When planning a vacation to the UK in winter, you should be aware that this is when the shortest and coldest days of the year occur. Despite this, it's impossible to say that the country suffers from excessive frost. As a rule, winter weather in the UK can be described as fresh, clear and quite pleasant. On average, temperatures stay around -5oC.

Tower Bridge and trees with snow in London

When cold air invades from the east and northeast, frosty weather is established for a long time and the temperature can drop to -18oC. Snow falls in winter all over the country, but very unevenly. In the mountainous areas it does not last more than 2 months.

December is considered the most expensive month to fly to the UK. This is due to Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve festivities, which are widely celebrated in the country.

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Holidays in England in spring

Big Ben with the flag of England, London, UK

The weather in the UK can be quite changeable in spring. In the blink of an eye, the bright and warming sun can be blocked out by strong, gusty winds. To make sure your spring vacation in the UK isn't marred by anything, you'll need to bring plenty of warm and waterproof clothing. The weather report will help you decide when is the best time to fly to the UK.

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Holidays in England: where to go

With the onset of summer, the high season begins in the UK. This is the time when the country attracts the largest influx of tourists who are interested not only in sightseeing, but also in beach vacations in the country.

London architecture

Compared to the resort regions in our country, the weather in the UK in summer is quite cool. Only in the south of England the thermometer can reach +27oC. By the standards of the locals, this is very hot. The Channel temperature warms up to no more than +19oC.

Planning a vacation in the UK in the summer, it is worth the most careful choice of region for travel. Temperatures in the east of the country average only +16 oC and in the north-west only +12 oC.

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Holidays in England in the fall

It's no accident that the UK has gained a reputation as the rainiest country. However, vacations in the UK in the fall can be marred not only by rainfall, but also by smog. The mixture of natural fog and industrial smoke hardly ever dissipates over major cities. Manchester, Glasgow and London are most affected.

Autumn Park, UK

The weather in the UK in autumn is unimaginable without wind. If you don't want to get caught in a strong cyclone, you might want to avoid the northern isles and the west coast. Evenings get colder from late September onwards. This is the start of the low season in the UK.

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When to vacation in the UK is up to you. Weather conditions aside, every region of the country can catch your eye and make you fall in love at first sight.

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