Holidays in the UK by the sea

Where to go in the UK to enjoy a beach vacation.

The United Kingdom offers abundant tourism opportunities. However, when planning a seaside vacation in the UK, it's important to keep in mind that despite being an island nation, there are only a few places in the whole of the UK that are suitable for beach vacations. You'll find only a handful of locations ideal for a beach vacation.

If you're looking for the best seaside vacation in the UK, Brighton is an excellent choice. This city is renowned as the largest resort in the country, situated on the coast of the English Channel. The peak season here is in August when the water in the strait warms up to +19oC.

For a list of the most popular seaside resorts in the country, you can refer to Where to go in the UK. When touring the UK for a seaside vacation, it's important to understand that the British favor minimalism and elegance. This means that not all beaches will have amusement rides, water activities, market stalls, cafes, and other noisy establishments.

A vacation on the beaches of England can be compared to reconnecting with nature, to see its true beauty, which becomes even more attractive over the years. The English do their best to ensure that each beach retains its original flair and is able to fight back against the influence of mankind.

The most popular beaches in the UK include Durdle Dore, Inch, Barafundle, Newquay, Tenby, Scarista, Portelet Cove beach and Bournemouth.

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