UK regions

To get to know the UK better, explore the regions of the country.

The administrative-territorial division of Great Britain can be called, perhaps, one of the most unusual in the whole world. This island kingdom represents several separate regions of Great Britain. Namely: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Each of these regions of the UK has its own major cities, which are commonly referred to here as administrative units.

England is considered to be the central region of the UK. Here is where the greatest number of attractions are concentrated. The country's calling card is the Big Ben clock, which is located in the capital of England, London.

The other cities of England are also famous in their own way. Oxford and Cambridge are home to prestigious universities, some of the oldest in Europe. Liverpool and Birmingham are home to famous musicians. Manchester is famous for its soccer club, Manchester United. Nottingham brings back memories of the legend of Robin Hood. From the port of Southampton in the south of England, the Titanic set sail on its first and last voyage in 1912.

The northern regions of Great Britain are represented by Scotland and Northern Ireland. Edinburgh is considered to be the capital of Scotland. It is in Edinburgh Castle that the famous Stone of Destiny is kept. Glasgow is considered to be an equally large city of Scotland. Despite the fact that this city was founded in the VI century, there are almost no medieval buildings in it.

Belfast is a must-see when visiting Northern Ireland. It has a large number of Victorian buildings, and the architecture is a mix of different styles.

The southern regions of the UK include Wales and Ireland. The most popular structure in Wales is Carnarvon Castle. It was there that the coronation of Prince Charles took place.

It is worth mentioning the names of the resort regions of Great Britain separately. The most popular seaside resort in the UK is Brighton, which is located on the shores of the English Channel. The northernmost beach resort is Blackpool. There are also balneological resorts on the territory of Great Britain. The most popular among all is considered to be the city of Bath. No less famous are considered: Weston-Super-Mare, Lemington, Harrogate.

If you can't imagine your vacation without visiting a ski resort, in the UK you can enjoy skiing on snowy slopes in Glencoe, Nevis and Lecht in Scotland.

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