Holidays in the UK in January

The best destinations to travel to the UK in January.

Even a child knows that the UK is renowned for its persistent fog, uncomfortably humid climate, and highly changeable weather. To ensure that your January vacation in the UK is as productive and interesting as possible, it's a good idea to inquire about the weather conditions for January. It's worthwhile to check what the weather will be like when you plan to visit, so you should ask about the weather forecast for your intended travel dates.

When purchasing a tour to the UK in January, you'll likely hear that winters here are not as severe as they may initially appear. On average, January temperatures range from -1°C to +4°C. The cost of a UK vacation in January will vary depending on whether you prefer a weekend in and around London or if you wish to explore the English counties.

Prices for UK tours in January typically start at 360 EUR and can go up to 630 EUR for a week-long vacation. Alternatively, you can choose tours that not only include accommodations and excursions but also provide English language instruction. Such tours to the UK in January may cost around 1500 EUR.

In addition to London, cities like Edinburgh, Birmingham, Oxford, and York are considered popular destinations for winter vacations in the UK.

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