Holidays in the UK in October

The best destinations to travel to the UK in October.

Tours to the UK in October unveil a fairytale image of the country, echoing legends of the Druids, King Arthur, and the enchanting tales of Harry Potter. Despite the prevalent atmosphere, UK vacations in October can be affected by dense fog and rain.

If you don't mind the weather, you'll discover that when you vacation in the UK in autumn, the country is filled with a sense of magic, and its Gothic architecture lends an air of melancholy.

Due to the country's air temperatures not exceeding +15oC and the onset of strong storms at sea, the prices for tours to the UK in October see significant reductions. The cost of a vacation in the UK in October is influenced by various factors, including the weather, duration of the trip, destinations, and accommodation choices.

To discover the most cost-effective tour to the UK in the fall, you can consult tripmydream. Among the UK's touristic cities, October is a great time to visit places like London, Liverpool, or Glasgow.

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