Rome: photo of the city

So that you have something to brag about to your friends after your holiday, don't be lazy to take more pictures.

Some of the most beautiful photos of Rome can be taken:

  • In the area of the Trevi Fountain - here you can capture the charming streets of Rome, historic mansions, and, of course, the famous Roman pigeons! The view from the Quirinal Hill offers the most beautiful panoramic view in Rome. And, of course, very impressive photos of the night view of Rome can be taken against the backdrop of the illuminated Trevi Fountain, which has fantastic lighting.
  • Against the backdrop of the Colosseum - otherwise, people might not believe that you were in Rome! The monument is lit up, so you can take great photos of Rome even at night.
  • By visiting Santa Buca, the "Holy Hole" in the gates of the residence of the Order of Malta - from here, you can enjoy a fantastic view of the dome of St. Peter's Basilica and see three states at once (Italy, Malta, and the Vatican)!

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