Rome: basic information and a brief history

The most important information about today's life and history of Rome is collected in one article.

Rome is the capital and one of the most densely populated cities in Italy (today, the population of Rome is around 4 million inhabitants, not including the millions of tourists on its streets!). It is located in the heart of the Apennine Peninsula, on the banks of the Tiber River, not far from the warm waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Rome is not particularly multinational, with almost 95% of its residents being Italians.

Rome is adorned with numerous titles! Firstly, it is one of the oldest cities in the world (Rome was founded, dare I say, in 753 BC!). Secondly, it is the cradle of Christian and, therefore, European civilization. Here, within the territory of the Vatican, lies the legendary St. Peter's Basilica - the main sanctuary of Catholics worldwide.

View of Rome

The best way to explore Rome is to let go of precise itineraries and pre-paid tours. Go wherever you feel like it - that's the only way to truly grasp the enigmatic "soul" of the Eternal City and see what Michelangelo and Caravaggio, Debussy and Hans Christian Andersen, Gogol (they say the classic wrote the first volume of "Dead Souls" in Rome) and Brodsky saw.

Your best companion will be a map of Rome in your native language - it's better to buy it in advance or download it to your smartphone right now.

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