Map of Rome: main areas and tourist sites

To get your bearings in Rome, you'll need a map. To get a good feel for Rome, throw the map away.

Modern Rome is divided into four counties and 155 districts. You're likely to be interested in the Old Town, or Municipio I, which is divided into 22 districts. However, it's more of a formality - you're better off walking around the city in accordance with the tourist districts on the map of Rome.

For example, the centre (Spanish Steps, Pantheon, Colosseum, Piazza Navona), the Vatican City (if Christmas or Easter is far away, you can rent an inexpensive apartment there) or Trastevere (the 'soul' of Rome, with its many trattorias serving the tastiest pasta).


By the way, Rome is the only European capital that doesn't have a single building in its center constructed after the 19th century. Theoretically, if you are accustomed to walking a lot, you can explore the center of Rome in a couple of hours as all the major attractions are concentrated in the Monti, Trevi, and Campitelli districts. Also, if you plan to book a hotel room on-site, don't forget about the map of Rome with hotels.

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