Where to eat in Rome

Without a doubt, Rome can be called the gastronomic capital of Europe!

Connoisseurs say Rome's best restaurants (called ristorante or taverna) are in the Trestevere area.

However, it's also a bit pricey - a good meal will cost from 12 to 60 EUR (depending on the level of the establishment). If that doesn't suit you, why not try a trattoria, pizzeria or tavola calda? Prices in Rome's cafés are "more humane", averaging 7-10 EUR per person.

And don't forget about the gelaterias - that's what they call the shops in Rome where they make the most amazing ice cream in the world (with low fat content). In addition to the traditional strawberry-chocolate-vanilla flavors, you can find desserts with flavors like nicotine, Parmesan with basil, or red wine. The price is up to 4 EUR, and the most iconic selling place is San Crispino.

If you follow the reviews, the best restaurants in Rome can be considered:

  • La Pergola - three Michelin stars, the best ravioli in Rome (with a secret ingredient!) and an average bill of 400 EUR for two;
  • Il Pagliaccio - two Michelin stars, delicacies like shrimp with cardamom yogurt and a bill for two starting from 250 EUR;
  • Pagnanelli - a favorite place of Roman aristocrats and the best dishes of freshwater fish in the city. The bill starts from 120 EUR for two;
  • Al Leoncino - the most affordable restaurant in Rome on the list. They serve excellent pizza based on family recipes, with an average bill for two starting from 30 EUR.

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