Safety in Rome: tips for tourists

When you arrive in Rome, don't let your guard down. All about safety in the city in one piece.

Street thieves are the main scourge of the Eternal City. Therefore, the first and most important rule is to be vigilant on the streets as there are plenty of pickpockets around. It's better to hang your cameras and camcorders around your neck to prevent thieves on mopeds from snatching them off your shoulder.

If you have rented a car, never leave valuable items inside it - they can even be taken from a locked trunk. The Termini train station is considered the main place for the activities of the Roma people (gypsies), so it is not recommended for visitors to stroll around here unless absolutely necessary.

And here are a few tips for women:

  • To get rid of persistent local admirers, you can use the phrase "Sto aspettando il marito," which means "I'm waiting for my husband."
  • If someone harasses you on a bus or in a metro car, don't hesitate to shout "Aiuto!" (which means "Help!"). The issue of sexual violence is taken very seriously in Italy, so after such an outcry, the offender disturbing your peace will retreat.
  • Avoid walking alone in nighttime Rome. By the way, after 22:00 in Italy, women receive a 10% discount on taxi rides.

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