Rome travel budget

The main items of expenditure that you should calculate before you go to Rome.

The main advantage of Rome is the variety of tourist activities it offers. Here you can organize:

Romantic getaway for two in Rome - tours based on the movie "Roman Holiday" and evening walks in the Old Town are extremely popular among couples in love.

Family vacation in Rome - the prices for groceries are average, you can take your children to an aquapark or zoo, and the climate is very mild and comfortable. By the way, while in Rome, you can also take a dip in the sea - it will only take you half an hour to get to the Mediterranean coast.

"Intellectual" vacation - a single trip to the Eternal City can replace hundreds of hours of studying the history and culture of Roman civilization. How much will a vacation in Rome cost? In principle, a week-long stay can cost as little as 500-600 EUR if you stay in a hostel or campground, forgo the services of a tour guide, and prefer trattorias over expensive restaurants.

Before buying tickets, we recommend reading reviews about vacations in Rome. Firstly, you can immediately make your own list of "must-visit places," and secondly, you can plan your budget in advance.

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