Rome sightseeing tours

You can book a sightseeing tour of Rome on the spot, but we recommend using the online services.

English tours in Rome:

Bus tour of Rome for beginners - in one day you will see all the main sights, although it will be a whirlwind tour. This is recommended for those who have limited time. There is also a "walking format" of this tour - in 3-4 hours, a guide will take you along the main tourist route of the city.

Bus tour in Rome

Culinary tours

With a guide, you will visit the market or legendary grocery stores, bakeries, or gelaterias. It's the perfect way to taste Rome!

Day trips, such as a tour of ancient castles in the Lazio region, a trip to Florence or Capri, or a cruise to the island of Ponza.

Vatican Excursions

You will be shown St. Peter's Basilica (the very one where Apostle Peter is buried and the events of Dan Brown's novel "Angels and Demons" unfold), taken to the Sistine Chapel, and given a tour of the Vatican Museums.

Vatican tour

The average cost of excursions in Rome ranges from 20 to 200 EUR per person (prices vary depending on the duration, group size, and itinerary). For example, a three-day excursion along the popular "resort" route Rome-Pompeii-Naples-Sorrento-Capri-Rome would cost around 400 EUR per person. If you want to hire a English-speaking guide for an excursion in Rome, it is advisable to book the service in advance online.

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