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Guide to Lloret de Mara

Virtual tour in Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar is the party center of the Costa Brava, a favorite with young people from all over the world. There are many bars, clubs and discos here, and life never stops for a minute. The oldest club in the resort is Bumper's, opened in 1978. The glamorous crowd prefers the Prive de Magic Disco.

The most famous beach on the coast is Lloret, not far from it is the popular Water World water park. The resort's surroundings are famous for clean water and cozy picturesque bays surrounded by forests and rocks. If you are tired of swimming and sunbathing, you can take a ride on a catamaran or "banana", go on a boat tour, take diving lessons, as well as play tennis, bowling or golf.

The historical sights of the city are especially popular among the castle of San Juan, built in the XI century for defensive purposes, the Gothic church of San Roma, the monastery of St. Christina, the gardens of Clotilde and the Modernist cemetery. Also in Lloret de Mar you will find an exact replica of the Canalet Fountain, installed on Las Ramblas in Barcelona. It is believed that anyone who drinks water from the fountain will return to the city or even live here.

Tips for tourists

The resort is located in the hills, so the road from the hotel to the beach can be tiring. If you have children or elderly people with you, it is better to settle closer to the sea.
To avoid becoming a victim of fraudsters, you should change currency, rent a car or buy tickets for excursions only in the offices of official organizations.
All of the resort's beaches are municipal and free of charge. If you need a sunbed, umbrella or sports equipment, they can be rented for a fee.
Time zone
UTC+1, in summer UTC+2

Tours to Lloret de Mara

Lioret de Mar is a Spanish city that is famous not only for its melodious name, but also for its beautiful nature, friendly people and romantic coves. If you are lucky enough to find a hot tour here, you will see that the funds spent on the improvement of the resort, put in the right direction.

Depending on the season, comfortable and inexpensive vacation in this resort can afford couples, young people and single travelers. The approximate price of a trip depends on the time of visit to this Spanish resort.

At the most conservative estimates, the cost of cheap trips starts from 840 EUR. This is on the condition of independent planning of the route. Even hot tours provided by tour operators are considered less favorable. For a week-long trip in this case you will have to pay about 1200 EUR.

A trip to any resort does not do without a sightseeing tour. Lloret de Mar is no exception. Of course, some people will prefer to lie on the beaches for the whole trip. If you are not among such vacationers, then for each excursion we advise you to set aside at least 35 EUR.

Want to take away the best photos from Lloret de Mar? Then don't miss the gardens of Clotilde, the grounds of San Juan Castle and Es Tint's workshop.

To diversify your trip, check out one of the local restaurants where you can sample the famous seafood paella, as well as crema catalana and esudella.

They're also a great place to eat.

Interesting places in Lloret de Mara

You can see the main sights of Lloret de Mara on your own by exploring the hiking routes on the internet. Local travel agencies will also offer you excursions to neighboring cities (Barcelona, Girona, Blanes, and others). Fans of shopping are recommended to go for fashionable updates in Barcelona, and in the resort to buy souvenirs for relatives. Lloret de Mara's nightlife is varied, with many clubs and discos offering all kinds of music.


Travel budget

Flight ticket prices

There's no airport near the city, so your way lies to Barcelona or Girona, from where it's easy to get to the resort. To get from Paris to Barcelona, choose a direct flight with Air France or Air Berlin (from 350 EUR round trip, travel time - 3.5 hours) or a connecting flight from Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, KLM (from 220 EUR, travel time - from 5.5 hours). Vueling Airlines and Iberia will take you from Berlin to Barcelona without connecting flights. Round-trip tickets cost from 300 EUR and take 4.5 hours.

The best hotels in Lloret de Mara

There are many hotels of different levels, capable of accommodating more than 30,000 people at a time. Among the hotels located within 200 meters from the beaches, the most popular are Fergus Style Plaza Paris, Acacias Suites, Miramar. A standard room in them costs from 75 EUR, depending on the season. Prices in hotels located in the center are usually lower (from 60 EUR), as the distance to the coast is greater (from 300 meters). Hotels are rarely 100% full, so you can find affordable accommodation at any time.

The cost of vacation

What kind of budget does one need to have for a full-fledged vacation in Lloret de Mar? Experienced travelers say that you will need at least 2000 EUR for a week for two people, including tickets, visas, accommodation in an inexpensive hotel, meals in restaurants and entertainment. If you plan to spend the whole vacation on the beach, the amount will be less, as you do not need to spend on excursions. If you want to save money, consider renting an apartment with a kitchenette so you can cook on your own.

The budget for a trip to Lloret de Mara
Visa Flight from 700 EUR
Accommodation from 60 EUR per day Average check in a restaurant from 30 EUR
Transportation fare from 9 EUR Excursion from 70 EUR
Total: about 2090 EUR for a week for two people

Lloret de Mar: tips for tourists

To make sure your vacation in Lloret de Mara goes off without a hitch, prepare for your trip with tripmydream. We've gathered all the information about the resort that travelers will need!

Visa to Lloret de Mara

No visa needed for European citizens.

Airport in Lloret de Mara

Flights usually arrive at El Prat Airport in Barcelona or Girona Airport near the city of the same name. You can get to Lloret de Mar by cab or public transport, as there is no airport near the resort.

Transfer to Lloret de Mar from the airport

From Barcelona Airport you can get there by bus, train or cab. The cheapest way to get there is by rail, but you'll need to make several connections and the journey will take 2-2.5 hours. There are buses from Girona to the resort, which cost 10 EUR.

Public transportation in Lloret de Mara

Tourists prefer to use cab services, as the price is quite reasonable due to the short distances involved. You can get to Barcelona, Girona or Blanes by bus from 9 EUR, depending on the route.

Car rental in Lloret de Mara

If you plan to visit neighboring cities, it is worth hiring a car at Barcelona Airport, Girona Airport or on arrival at the resort. The driver must be over 21, have at least a year's experience, an international license and a bank card.

Security in Lloret de Mar

As in any resort town, pickpockets are sometimes involved. Since bank cards are accepted almost everywhere, there's no need to carry large sums of cash. Valuables, expensive equipment and documents are also best left at the hotel.

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