Climate in Lloret de Mara

Learn all about the climatic conditions of Lloret de Mara and the flora and fauna of the resort.

Seasonal peculiarities of the resort's climate can be an unpleasant surprise for vacationers. So, when planning your trip, do not be lazy to clarify when the rainy seasons begin in Lloret de Mara. However, here they do not pose much trouble for tourists, as the precipitation is mostly warm and often occur at night. Although it often rains in Lloret in summer, September and October are considered to be the rainiest months.

Nature of Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mara's vegetation and wildlife

This resort is a real green haven. The vegetation of Lloret de Mara consists of pine trees, oaks, cork trees and cypresses, laurel and orange trees. Ivy, heather and magnificent white lilies can be seen everywhere. Green, brown and red algae grow in the sea. In the local botanical gardens, tourists can admire exotic plants.

Vegetation in Lloret de Mar

The most common land animals in Lloret de Mara are hedgehogs and lizards. Birds commonly seen here include finches and swallows.

The underwater wildlife of Lloret de Mara is also very varied - you can meet the inhabitants of the Mediterranean Sea either on a spearfishing trip or at the market. There are bream, perch, tuna, albacore, jack mackerel, mackerel, merlusa, mackerel, aneva and many other fish, as well as sponges, molluscs and crustaceans. The Mediterranean Sea, though inferior to the Red Sea in diversity of species, is markedly superior to the Black Sea.

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