How do I get to Lloret de Mara from the airport?

If you are going to travel to Lloret de Mar on your own, explore all possible routes from the nearest airport to the tourist center of the city.

If you're traveling from Barcelona, cab, bus and train services are available.

The most inexpensive but also the most complicated option is the train. You'll have to make several transfers. Take a train directly from the airport to Sants station (this is Barcelona), change to another suburban train (every 30 minutes) and go to Blanes station (this is a town near Lloret de Mar). There get on the bus, you can buy a ticket from the driver and in 20-25 minutes you will arrive in Lloret de Mar at the bus station. Then walk or take a cab to the hotel. Total travel time to the station is about 2-2.5 hours.

A simpler option - for about an hour and a half and 20 EUR you can get to Lloret de Mar from Barcelona by bus. But this way - train + bus - from the airport is less convenient, so it is better to use it for trips to Barcelona and back. From Barcelona, buses leave from Estacio del Nord station near the Arc de Triomf metro station and go to Lloret de Mar and beyond.

For more expensive and comfortable options, cabs or airport transfers (from 105 EUR) are available.

If you land in Girona, take a bus to Lloret de Mar for 10 EUR (see here). Alternatively, take a cab or shuttle (from 50 EUR).

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