Basic information about Lloret de Mara

In brief: the past and present of Lloret de Mar.

One of the most famous Spanish resorts - Lloret de Mar - is located 75 km from Barcelona.

It is a small picturesque town with an area of less than 48 square kilometers, which lies on the Costa Brava washed by the Mediterranean Sea. The resort is famous for its colorful bays and sandy beaches.

Travelers have fallen in love with the city for its amazingly mild climate, gorgeous landscapes with majestic cliffs and giant trees. Young people come here with pleasure, calling Lloret de Mar a city of celebration.

Lloret de Mar, Spain

The population of Lloret de Mar is just over 40,000, but about 1 million tourists from all over the world come here every year.

The area where Lloret de Mar is today was first inhabited, according to scientists, by Iberian tribes, who were replaced by the Romans. It was they who probably established trade with neighboring settlements, including Barcelona.

The coat of arms of the city is not accidentally depicted laurel bushes - it is believed that the settlement was named in their honor. The first mention of the town dates back to 966 AD, when it was called Loredo. There is every reason to believe that the name comes from the Latin word Lauretum, which means "place where laurel grows".

Significant for Lloret de Mara were the year 1001, when the city was given under the control of the Viscount of Girona (during this period were built the castle of San Juan and the church of Sant Roma); the beginning of the XVI century, when the city center moved to the coast; the end of the XVIII century, when it was officially allowed free trade between Spain and the American colonies. The mid-twentieth century was a period of deep economic stagnation for the city; everything changed for the better in the 1960s, when the tourist infrastructure began to develop strongly.

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