Where to eat in Lloret de Mar: iconic restaurants, prices

An overview of the best places to visit in Lloret de Mar.

Lloret de Mar is a city capable of satisfying both fans of traditional Mediterranean menus and those who favor intricate author's cuisine. Year after year, the best restaurants in Lloret de Mar receive prestigious gastronomic awards.

Although you won't find authentic Russian restaurants in Lloret de Mara, there are places where you can order Russian dishes (for example, Sa Vaudella Cafe). In addition to Spanish cuisine, Mexican, Indian, Japanese and Chinese menus are in demand among travelers. Average prices in Lloret de Mar restaurants are from 30-40 EUR for two people for a standard dinner.

The classic Mediterranean menu is offered at El Trull restaurant, where several variants of budget lunches are traditionally served during the day, and gourmet delicacies are waiting for tanned guests in the evening.

El Trull Restaurant

Gourmets will appreciate Mas Romeu restaurant - it is famous for its exquisite cuisine and original interior.

Looking for delicious but inexpensive restaurants in Lloret de Mar? FREE WOK Chinese restaurant is open all year round. Having paid a fixed price (9-14 EUR), a visitor can choose any number of various appetizers from the buffet. You have to pay separately for drinks. Another option is cafe "Kan Sabata", where you can order a set lunch for 10 EUR.

While in Catalonia, try Brazilian cuisine, you can do it in Rodizio Papalús. Here is a real paradise for meat lovers (lamb, pork, beef are on the menu), and for seafood fans (try fish, shrimps, sushi). Price of standard daily menu starts from 11 EUR per person.

According to reviews, you can taste magnificent tiramisu, foie gras, carpaccio in Lloret de Mara's restaurant Da Paolo. If you prefer Italian dishes, then this is the place for you. In addition to gastronomic pleasure, you will also get aesthetic pleasure - the windows of this popular institution overlook the central beach.

Restaurant Lloret de Mara Da Paolo

At any time of day, you can grab a bite to eat at El Reno Restaurant, which serves pizza and grilled meats 24 hours a day.

There are cafes everywhere in Lloret de Mar - on the promenades and right on the beaches. Prices are quite democratic, and this is despite the fact that the food is fresh and the portions are generous. Count on the fact that you can have a tasty and hearty meal here for 10-13 EUR per person. One of the most budget-friendly dining options is at local eateries, where you can buy huge hamburgers or grilled chicken for 6-9 EUR.

Mentioning the best cafes in Lloret de Mara, many tourists mention the hospitable Cacao bar, which serves excellent pizza, salads and pancakes.

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