Shopping in Lloret de Mara

We suggest the best things to bring from Lloret de Mar and the best places to shop.

This small resort town has more than 1,000 stores of various sizes where you can buy clothes, food, accessories, souvenirs and other goods. Don't forget about the Spanish siesta, a lunch break that usually lasts from 1 to 4 p.m., when stores close for a break.

Most stores are open all year round. In September, Lloret de Mara offers shoppers a unique opportunity to store at reduced prices until dawn - on Shopping night and during the unusual 'Shop on the Street' (la Botiga al carrer).

Shopping street in Lloret de Mar Shopping street in Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mara has shopping centers, fashion boutiques and traditional town markets where you can buy Spanish goods and foreign brands. For the sake of fairness, it should be noted that reviews of shopping in Lloret de Mar itself are contradictory. Many tourists believe that it is not worth it to hope for cheap purchases of goods of fashion brands here. And yet, being in the resort, look in the stores Mango, Drapps, Intersport, Passion Beaute, Pablosky, FCBotiga, Bostini. Perhaps you'll pick up some trendy jeans, comfortable shoes, a sophisticated perfume or a fine piece of jewelry from here.

Shopping on the streets of Lloret de Mar

Prefer large shopping centers and outlet malls? In Lloret de Mar you will be interested in Topstock outlet and La Roca Village outlet (about 30 km from the city). Here you can find a lot of quality goods at a good discount.

To reduce your spending on shopping, sightseeing, restaurants and leisure activities, you can use the LloretCard. It costs 10 EUR, but it entitles you to discounts of between 10 and 50% at a number of establishments.

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