Hiking routes in Lloret de Mara

Lloret de Mar can be explored on foot. And it is during the walk that you will get the best feel of the city.

To make the most of your time, organize hiking trails in Lloret de Maru, such as the promenades or the local sentinel trails. This is the best way to explore the resort's surroundings.

One of the most popular self-guided walks in Lloret de Maru is along the sentinel trail from the Maritime Museum to Fenalsa Beach. During a leisurely and tiring hour-long walk, which can be done with children, you will see the Canaletes Fountain, the Town Hall, the sculpture of the Sailor's Wife, Banys Bay, and San Juan Castle. This path is now a regular tourist route in Lloret de Mara, but a few centuries ago it was the site of night patrols.

Especially for hiking fans, the city has developed 7 longer walking routes in Lloret de Mar and beyond (from 9 to 21 km). These are directions that allow you to look into the most remote and quiet coves, as well as walk through wonderful oak and pine groves. To guide tourists, the routes are marked with a special marking - FEEC (Federation of Foot Tourism Organizations of Catalonia).

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