What to see in Lloret de Mar: the main attractions

Places to visit if you are a first time visitor to Lloret de Mar.

Holidays in Lloret de Mara are good because you can diversify your idle time on the local beaches with some sightseeing in Lloret de Mara.

What does the Lloret de Mar sightseeing map recommend? The Clotilde's Gardens, modeled after the gardens of the Italian Renaissance, are worth a visit. Entrance to the territory is 5 EUR. Please note that the garden is closed to the public on December 25, and from January 1 to 6.

Santa Clotilde, gardens in Lloret de Mar

When choosing Lloret de Mara attractions to visit, don't miss the Can Garigga Maritime Museum, where you can see the history of the city's development. A ticket to the museum costs 4 EUR.

Don't be lazy to take a walk to the San Juan Castle with its magnificent observation deck. A visit costs 3 EUR.

The Lloret de Mara sightseeing map would be incomplete without the former Benedictine monastery of Sant Pere del Bosc. The sanctuary is located 5 km from the city center. Another notable religious site is the active church of St. Roman, built in the early 16th century.

San Juan Castle, Lloret de Mar

While exploring Lloret de Mara's attractions, it's worth paying attention to the Es Tint Workshop. This is a replica of the workshops where local fishermen used to dye hemp nets. If you are interested in the history of Spain, this object will not leave you indifferent.

An interesting sight are the magnificent mausoleums of the Modernist Cemetery, which is considered an example of the heritage of the "indianos" - natives of Catalan lands who became rich in America and returned to their homeland.

The modernist cemetery in Lore de Mar.

These and other objects are part of the so-called Open Museum of Lloret (MOLL) - you can read about them all in the list of Lloret de Mar attractions.

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