How much does it cost to live in Lloret de Mar?

When thinking about a trip to Lloret de Mar, it is better to find out the rates of local hotels in advance. We have graded the cost of rooms in different classes of hotels.

Tourists are offered different types of accommodation in Lloret de Mar depending on price and conditions. It can be a hotel, villa, guesthouse, apartment or campsite.

Do you want a comfortable villa with sea view, swimming pool and tennis court? Perhaps you will like Tortuga, 5 days stay in which costs 2790 EUR (distance to the beach - 7 km). There are also more affordable offers - from 700 EUR for 5 days (for example, Villa Astana, where you can cozy up with the whole family).

Accommodation in Lloret de Mare is inexpensive if you stay in a camping (there are 4 camping sites in the city). For example, in Camping Canyelles you can rent a mobile house (from 55 EUR for four people) or a studio room (from 68 EUR for four people). The distance to the city center is 3 km.

Another budget option is guest houses. For example, the institution Magnolia (300 mm to the beach of Lloret), where a room for two adults and one child can be rented from 55 EUR. The cost of accommodation in Lloret de Mar in single rooms in guesthouses starts from 20 EUR.

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