National dishes of Lloret de Mara

National dishes that are a must-try in Lloret de Mar.

Catalan cuisine has been shaped by all the civilizations and peoples that have inhabited the country at different times. In the gastronomy of Lloret de Mara, both refined haute cuisine and unpretentious dishes based on old home recipes are popular. Authentic cuisine is unpretentious and even rustic. It includes pork, fish chowder and mushrooms. Cooking in Lloret de Mar is usually done with seasonal products.

Among the classic local dishes we recommend you to try escudella (Spanish version of our stew with vegetables and meat), fideuas (paella with sea products), and crema catalana (local recipe similar to crème brûlée).

From drinks we can recommend unique Spanish wines, cava (Spanish version of champagne), as well as liqueurs - cherry, cherry, infused with medicinal herbs.

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