Beaches in Lloret de Mara

An overview of the best beaches in Lloret de Mara: we'll tell you which one is best.

When figuring out in which area of Lloret de Mar to stay, focus on the beaches where you intend to rest. Everyone should determine for himself which beach in Lloret de Mar is better for him, although all of them are characterized by clean water and beautiful nature. Another pleasant moment for lovers of beach vacation - the local sand does not stick to your feet.

It can be the crowded main city beach Platja de Lloret (1.5 km long) or the more secluded beach Fenals (700 m long). If you choose Fenals, be careful: after 2-3 meters from the shore here begins deep water. Both beaches offer catamaran rides, boat rentals, water skiing and boat trips.

Platja de Lloret city beach

Looking for a bay with a relatively shallow depth? Then Santa Cristina beach, protected on all sides by hills (500 meters long), is the place to go. There is a tennis court on the beach.

If you don't mind sunbathing alongside the nudists, check out Boadeia Beach (250 meters). You will be amazed by the local scenery. There are no standard beach activities here - the vacation is designed for those who want to enjoy the peace.

Are you into scuba diving or water sports? Then appreciate Cañellas beach, the furthest from the city (450 meters long).

Santa Cristina Beach

Tired of noisy tourists? Treumal beach is actually a small cove with plenty of vegetation. Another small beach is Sa Caleta, which you'll find near the center of Lloret.

Now, knowing the features of each sea "harbor", it will be easier to decide which beach in Lloret de Mar is best suited for your vacation.

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